1 AGCOIN = 0.0000154 BTC
1 AGCOIN = 0.9 USD
1 AGCOIN = 0.0002116 ETH
1 AGCOIN = 0.0038496 LTC

what is Algobit?

Blockchain technology facilitates the exchange of value without the need for intermediaries, enables transparent interactions of parties through a trusted and secure network that distributes certified and auditable access to data, simplifying the existing processes lowering the costs and increasing the liquidity and capital efficiency of the trades.

We believe that financial inclusion should be available for all and developed a platform, which would help in solving typical problems a cryptocurrency asset owner faces like liquidity issues, Volatile rate fluctuations, and lower interest rates.

AGCOIN can be considered as a utility token within our community as it also acts as a means of exchange for the community members. Such token does not represent equity in the company, but will be backed by our guarantee of liquidity and price promise; hence, the value of the token should be positively correlated to the success of the project


Our proposed platform would help solve all the issues a cryptocurrency asset owner faces,
as eventually we aim to create all business projects as trade-able assets and help entrepreneurs
raise crucial finance to achieve their dreams.

Liquidity Issues

Consider that you know that price of a cryptocurrency, say bitcoin would definitely increase in about 5-6 months, but currently you are facing a liquidity issue to pay off a vendor or want to buy a new asset class. Our platform gives you an option to mortgage the cryptocurrency on a nominal interest rate and immediately liquidate your assets. So your cryptocurrency assets remain safe for the tenure of the loan and liquidity issue is resolved.

Volatile Price Fluctuations

Cryptocurrency price may vary a lot causing significant gains or losses, at Algobit we understand that this and can guarantee you a 70% return, whatever be the price of your cryptocurrency asset. For example, in the above example, if you have deposited Cryptocurrency assets with us, hoping that the price will go up in near term, but unfortunately the prices fall from the initial levels, we have got you covered; our pool /community would cover your losses upto 70% of the initial investments with us.

Zero/No Interest Rates

Most of the Cryptocurrency assets are kept idle and do not earn by the way of interests. Although there are many projects and exchanges who provide options to stake or utilize your cryptocurrency assets to provide interests, either the interest rate is too low or the risk of investment is too high. We are providing a significantly higher interest rates on such deposits, as our underlying business model is earning higher rate of returns and all businesses are sustainable.


Algobit aims to disrupt the cryptotrading industry by lowering the
barrier to creating algorithmic trading models.

  1. Start of Presale/beta version of website
    Launch of Algobit Defi token
    Building Community
    Launch of Loan against Assets (as collateral)
    Launch of interest on deposits
  2. Final website/apps launched
    Launch of Staking part1
    Launch of our rate guarantee
    Launch of First Airdrop
  3. Listing on major exchanges
    Launch of LOAN rating system
    Start of phase 2
    Launch of Final Airdrop


Algobit aims to disrupt the cryptotrading industry by lowering the
barrier to creating algorithmic trading models.

Total Supply 300 mill
Hard Cap 150 mill
Soft Cap 50 mill
max Circulating 200 mill

MD and Founder

Hardeep Singh

MD and Founder

Hardeep Singh was n ace Hockey player at University Level. Graduated from Calcutta University and then persued MBA in finance from Amity. An ace finance professional with a total work experience of 20 years in top multinational banks and financial companies. Has immense knowledge in finance, marketing and software skills. His thirst for innovation brought him to blockchain industry which is now his dream as he believes that this is the single window solution to all future financial activity. His commitment to all is to ensure optimum usage of technology to achive the best financial goal for all investors and affiliates. Moto is inclusive growth.

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